Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poll Results, Etc.

The results are in and it is a tie. Four of you are too busy to know what you do with your shoes, and four of you like to practice your aim by chucking them at your spouse. One of you (and I suspect Colleen) likes to leave all decorum at the door and strut around "neh'kid" (naked) with a hat. Please let me know before you sit down in my house so I can put a towel down on the sofa, but I suspect I will know who you are by your grin and chapeau.

I tweaked the blog page a little. Are the side borders too much? Really, I can't decide. No, this isn't just a cheap ploy to get you to post comments so I can boost my stats on Technorati, but that sounds like something I might do in the future. However, at least this time, I really want to know.

I'm thinking about the next poll, since the last one was such a runaway success (Hyperbole, anyone?). Look for that post within the next couple of days.

Thanks for hanging-out here on "Joannafesto". Excuse my occasional potty mouth (Sorry, Mom. I know you tried.), but every so often I do enjoy a colorful expletive and admire them in others. My husband is a soldier and they do have the BEST in the world.


  1. I love your design. It's classy... kinda counteracts the castle and makes all right in blogland.. Property in the neighbor just increased in value... whoot whoooo..

  2. Thank-you, your highness. At least a can boost property values somewhere. Here's to ending the recession one tricked-out blog at a time.