Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cut and Paste This Blog Into Your Status

It used to be that I would just annoy my Facebook friends with my fleeting Mafia Wars obsession. They retaliated by forcing me to play Farmville. Farmville nearly drove me crazy. Farmville players are a deeply divided group -- you either love it or you hate it. Farmville isn't just a game, it's a whole lifestyle. Slowly, one crop at a time, it starts to take over your world. I would be trying to do something important, like watch T.V., and I would start wondering about my rice crop and did I need to harvest it? Was it shriveling up on the vine, or should I say the paddy? Then people started sending me animals. When I got my first rabbit I was terrified. In Famville you harvest everything, was I going to have to off the bunny? Was I supposed to feed it? What if the rabbit died? I'm to old for that nonsense. Well, not to fear, you harvest the rabbit for angora. (Right -- like THAT happens on a real farm.) Farmville was creating a lot of stress for me, but I was recruiting a lot of my Mafia Wars family from my Farmville neighbors. So, I kept planting, harvesting, planting, harvesting it was a vicious cycle until I couldn't take one more living minute of that dumb music they play. I axed the farm. Eventually I became bored with Mafia Wars although, curiously enough, it did not induce the same sort of mind-fuck that Farmville did. However, some nights before I go to bed, my virtual farm appears in my virtual brain. Nothing ever goes away in cyberspace and my farm is still out there, somewhere. If you see it, would you please feed my chickens.

Then Mafia Wars crept into my world. I liked Mafia Wars -- extortion, beating up people, robbing. Even better, there weren't a lot of animals involved in Mafia Wars. I love animals, but people -- not so much. So, I went Mafia Wars crazy for awhile, building my Mafia Wars empire to over 300 people, whacking, plundering and bribing. Then one day I logged-on and I just didn't care anymore. I couldn't play it. I thought I might come back to it someday, but my heart was no longer in it. My Mafia Wars friends stayed on my Facebook friends list for awhile, but eventually I got tired of all their posts about what they were doing in Mafia Wars, so I defriended pretty much everybody (O.K., I did keep a couple people) and blocked Mafia Wars from my Facebook page. The thrill was gone. At least my friends would no longer be harassed by my endless game statuses of which, no matter how hard you try to screen them, always made their way to the Newsfeed.

Payback for my endless posts about Mafia Wars and Farmville seems to be in the form of all these new: "If you agree...cut and paste in your status..." blips. Not wanting to piss any of my friends off (and I have the sweetest, most well-meaning friends in the entire universe), if I agreed I cut and pasted. Now it seems my friends are getting tired of the "cut and paste" messages. If people would stop posting these message, I would stop cutting and pasting, but I keep giving into peer pressure. Yesterday a good friend, we'll call her "George" for the purposes of this article, told me she loved me but she wasn't cutting a pasting. "Good for her." I thought. "I'm getting sick of these things, too." George always was a bit of a freethinker. Maybe it IS time to stop all the peer pressure cutting and pasting before our causes become as meaningless and a billy goat in Farmville. Stop pissing-off your friends. Cut and paste if you must, but leave off the "...cut and paste..." request. Unless it is for a really good cause. Like my blog.

This blog inspired, in part, by this fabulous blog:


  1. LOL, I still farm but have cut back from doing both Farmville and Farmtown. I do try to not have it paste to my profile every time I do something. I know it's annoying. I continuously get requests for me to join this, that, and the other games. I ignore them. One farm is all I can handle. LOL My husband hates it, "oh, you're farming again..." with a nasty tone to his voice.

  2. Farm if you must. I just couldn't take the pressure. Facebook is getting a little better at screening all the posts from those games. The game posts don't really bother me. I understand.

    FYI, y'all: You can stop a friend's postings by pressing edit. Three options will appear. Pick the middle one which will be your friends offending game. Click on that and you won't get any of their posts for that particular game.

  3. Hello - My name is Me-Me and I am a FarmVille-aholic. I worried too about the little bunny, worried that he would eat my crops. Oh, it's true what they say about rabbits...I now have two.

    Thank you for the shout out!

  4. Ooops...I didn't think it took the first time...sorry about that.

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