Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where are My Fifteen Minutes?

Okay.  My lack of blog followers is starting to get depressing.  I have been looking at other people's blogs and frankly they look a hellava' lot better than mine.  Their content sucks, but their blogs are more tricked-out than Flo, the Progressive Insurance Girl's, name tag.  Surfing the net for ways I can improve my blog I fail to understand 75% of what they are talking about.  One way to improve my website is to discuss things of a more topical nature, so here goes my list:  Winter Olympics, Tiger Woods, Goel Ratzon, Toyota, recession, Super Bowl, Betty White, selling-out.  Opps, I almost forgot:  Jesus.  Sadly, I am not really qualified to discuss any of these matters, but if other unqualified people are willing to blog about them, so am I.  One of the things they say not to talk about is cats.  Big opps there, already talked about the little buggers.  Scrolling through other blogs I see that pictures of snowmen are really big.  No can do as this would mean I would have to go outside where it is cold.  I could talk about fashion, because I really like clothes, but I am old, fat and wear comfortable shoes.

I tried to sign-up for "Technorati" but apparently they couldn't figure-out what my blog was about either, and are telling me my description didn't match the contents of my blog. WTF? Bottom line is: I want my fifteen minutes of fame -- NOW! How to go about doing this? People have told me I am funny, so I figured the best was to get famous was to expose myself for the smart-ass that I am. THAT is what my blog is about, you people at "Technorati" who are holding my ten minutes of fame hostage. (I have always been an underachiever so have decided to crop my fifteen minutes down to ten. Maybe that'll work.) I can only compromise my integrity so much before I am writing about the improper use of quotations marks and bird-watching. Don't suck the life out of me by making me shove myself into a box and limit the scope of my smartassness.


  1. Give it time. You have funny stuff here, the followers will come!

  2. I'm old and have heart problems. Plus, Andy PROMISED;)