Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paula Abdul: Please Come Home

Dear Paula,
We admit it. We were wrong. It wasn't Simon who made us watch "American Idol", it was YOU all along! We just didn't appreaciate you until one day we looked-up and POOF! You were gone. PLEASE come back!!! We miss your wackadoodle outfits and the way you clapped your hands with just your palms, fingers never quite touching. The way you stood up and danced and nobody really noticed you were standing until you sat down again. The way you would just barely miss knocking over your Coke cup over every week (Even though you were a spokesperson for Pepsi back in the 80's). Whether you were drunk or high, or just being Paula, we now know that it doesn't matter. All we want if for you to come home and fix this stupid show.

A Fan


  1. I'm with you, oh how I miss Paula. Maybe with Simon's exit after this season we'll see Paula's return to the panel.

    By the way, "wackadoodle" is my word du jour!

  2. I miss her giggle, too. She has a cute giggle.