Friday, April 9, 2010

Saddle-up at the Pink Pony

Well as if we weren't busy enough with the Master's Golf Tournament in Georgia, Joslyn James (a Tiger Woods also-ran) is in Atlanta headlining at "The Pink Pony", one of Atlanta's most well known strip joints. In my unrelenting attempt to keep my readers abreast (Get it -- a breast!!!) of the latest trends, I did a little online research on "The Pink Pony".

If you need something to do, I advise you to Google "The Pink Pony" reviews on "Yelp. There are a couple creepy ones, but for the most part the reviewers community-minded guys (and gals) sincerely trying to rate the place for their fellow man. Sort of a public-service for strip-fans. Surprisingly, for an area that is on the shiny buckle of the Bible Belt, there are a LOT of consumer reviews of "The Pink Pony". In fact Sunday, one reviewer notes, at "The Pink Pony" is "the best" because it is "Soul Food Sunday". You cannot buy packaged beer in the Georgia county I live in on a Sunday, but if you drive 20 miles to Atlanta, you can drink test tube shots out of some chick's cleavage. I love America. "The Pink Pony" is also handicapped accessible, has a coat check. (Whew, wouldn't want to be carting that around all night.) However, much to one reviewer's chagrin, they charge $3.00 for parking and he resented having to tip some guy for a towel and soap in the bathroom. (And I thought my husband was cheap, er, I mean thrifty.) Now I think the quality control that goes along with making sure you get a CLEAN towel in the men's room at a strip joint would be worth a tip, but that could just be me. My favorite reviewer actually reports falling asleep during a lap dance!!! I suspect he was military because those guys can sleep any where, but I kinda' feel sorry for that poor girl working her ta-tas off to no avail. That's got to bruise the old ego just a little. I bet she went home that night and seriously reconsidered her career choice.

I had heard of "The Pink Pony" prior to Miss Joslyn James scheduled appearance. My husband, the Bulldog, being a man and a soldier and all, was the first to tell me about it. Every area of the country seems to have one of THOSE places. When I moved to Sarasota, Florida back in the late 70's, there was this place called "Club Mary". I believe it is still there, only now it is a "Cheetah's". "Club Mary" was quite notorious in a town made-up of mostly retired people. My mother was an RN at a high-end retirement center (run by the Presbyterian Church) that actually took the old folks out on a field trip to tour "Club Mary". Sort of a continuing education program for seniors. When I was in Tennessee I recall this one topless bar located in a log cabin, that featured an all you can eat Chinese buffet. In Orlando, Florida they tried to outlaw nudity in the clubs by stating they would only allow on stage nudity as "artistic expression". The Orlando strip club girls took to reading Shakespere. You would drive by "The Platinum Club" and there would be a big sign advertising: "HELD OVER! Hamlet. Featuring Dusty Mounds!" Some guys are all about the arts, you know.

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  1. I'm still laughing imagining how crushing it would be to have a fella fall asleep during a lap!