Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, Iceland: I am so glad I didn't go to school in Iceland and have to learn to spell that mo-fo. I listened to the news thinking: "What volcano, where?" Nobody on T.V. dared to attempt to pronounce it. Not even George Stephanopoulos and you would think that with the mouthful that is his last name he could at least try. No sir'ee, bob. When that news story slid across the copy desk you know everybody just looked up and said: "Say wha'? Eyjafjalla...? Falafel? I'm NOT tryin' to say that on T.V." In horror, they imagined the "Youtube" mash-up featuring newscasters across the land mispronouncing Eyjafajallajokull to the tune of "Super Freak". Further research (I googled) determines that Eyjafjallajokull has been rumbling since late March. How come we are just now hearing about it? Everyone feared to pronounce its name.


  1. I have a theory on how this volcano got its name. I picture the explorer who discovered it sitting down to type an excited letter to his mom
    Dear Mom,
    I discovered a volcano today! I will be famous! I'm going to name it *cat walks across keyboard* Eyjafjallajokull

  2. Oddly enough, it is prounced much like the sound of a suprised cat walking across a hot stove-top.