Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good-Bye to Dixie

I woke-up to surprising and sad news that the lovely Dixie Carter has died. Certainly this is a heart-breaking loss to her family. As a fan, I will miss her. Like so many I will remember her wonderful portrayal of the sassy, smart, intelligent and hilarious Julia Sugarbaker on "Designing Women". In a world that often sterotypes Southerners as racist hicks, batting mosquitoes off their sweaty arm-pits, Dixie Carter's Julia Sugarbaker was as smart and sophiticated, as she was beautiful. We are going to miss her.


  1. So sad, loved her on Designing Women, such a loss to everyone who loved her as well as those of us who loved to watch her act. Thanks for posting this, I've had company all weekend and missed this in the news.

  2. I saw last night that she had passed away. I always liked her. Designing Women was one of my favorite shows and saw her more recently on Desperate Housewives. What little I read last night, I think it might have been a sudden, unexpected death. She was a class act.