Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrities Who Annoy Us: Daisy Fuentes

We all have one: That certain celebrity who bugs the bejebus out of us although we have no reason for it. Some celebrities have earned our disdain: Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Miley Cyrus. We can discuss at length why they annoy us, but other we just don't like. I just can't stand Daisy Fuentes. I see her face and she is like chalk squeaking across the a black board that is my psyche. Daisy Fuentes has never done anything to earn my ire, for all I know she could be a perfectly lovely person -- if she wasn't so annoying. I had a friend that hated Marilou Henner AND Aretha Franklin. Who the heck doesn't like Aretha? No particular reason -- they just annoyed her. Of course, since I have my own personal disdain for Daisy Fuentes, I understood. My Dad didn't like Linda Carter. Yep -- that right "Wonder Woman". Every time she would do that contact lens commercial a few years ago, he wriggle-up his nose, reach for the remote, and switch channels.

So, I am asking y'all: Do you have a celebrity that for no reason you can pinpoint that you just can't stand? We (as in me) at "Joannafesto" want to know!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like Daisy...

  2. LMAO and I REALLY needed that this morning!

  3. I just can't stand Daisy Fuentes. She seems dumb. She thinks she is gorgeous but she is not, she is very average looking spanish woman. She just annoys.