Friday, October 1, 2010

An Open Letter to Anonymous

Dear Anonymous:

I haven't felt much like writing lately. Some of it is because the Bulldog is deployed and Halloween will soon be here. I love the Bulldog. I love Halloween. But one without the other just seems sad. Like Alka-Seltzer with "plop" and no "fizz-fizz". I was going to be a Zombie Prom Queen this year for Halloween, but my enthusiasm has waned. Much like my enthusiasm for writing this blog. Lindsay's back in rehab, Paris can't tell the difference between coke and gum, two situations which would normally provide me with beau coup inspiration, yet I find myself somewhere between "ho-hum" and "who-gives-a-shit?". I haven't bothered with my blog in weeks, and when I do check on it, of course it is you, my dear Anonymous, bitching about the music. Again.

Here is the deal "Anonymous" (If that is your real name): I ran a poll about this very same issue months ago. My Festos spoke and the music stays. Find the goddamn mute button or find another fucking blog. SERIOUSLY: I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!! Something tells me you are just another tool with an agenda and an axe to grind, who has some problem with music on ANY blog. Bottom line: You don't REALLY read this blog -- or any other blog -- you just roam the Internet, looking for blogs with music -- so you can BITCH about it!!! You don't give a crap about what anybody has to say, you just want to flap your own yap about your own opinion and your stupid, fucking, pathetic AGENDA. If you enjoy your own music so much, please devote 100% of your attention to it and NEVER READ THIS BLOG AGAIN.

Writing this blog is nothing more than a hobby to me. My husband, the aforementioned Bulldog, is in a combat zone and HE likes to listen to my play list when he is online. So hell can freeze over and I will NOT remove the music from this blog. In fact, if things keep going the way they are going, this entire blog may soon be devoted to nothing BUT music. I am thinking of show tunes and punk. And just to make sure EVERYBODY can find something they don't like about this blog I may even bring in a few mimes! That should pretty much piss off EVERYBODY.

I get nothing, nada, zero, zip, squat out of this blog, but the pleasure of writing it, and the joy of annoying self-important douche bags, such as yourself, who have nothing better to do than whine about the play list.

Very truly yours,


  1. I missed you:) I am jealous that you have haters.

  2. Yay. Go to H@(*, Anonymous. The music can be turned off but really it just enhances the Joannafesto experience.

    Sorry your Bulldog is deployed. I hope he stays safe and I am sure that he is going to live Halloween vicariously through his Zombie Prom Queen.

    Love the songs on the playlist now.

  3. Anonymous is that neighbor who lets his dog take a crap in your yard and then tells you you need to rake your leaves.

  4. LOVE the new playlist! AND i didn't know there were soooo many scary tunes! BTW, it's me, Tess, not the other Anon that doesn't like your tunes...Glad you're writing again. I verymuch missed your musings. Love to the Bulldog, tell him "duck" from me. T

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  6. Whoops! Misread your post Tess. I thought you WERE "Anonymous Music Hater" -- but of course it is nothing so clever -- just some pesty douche who thinks the world should change to suit him/her. Should have known my BFF dis' my tunes!

  7. Whoops! That should be " BFF would not dis' my tunes". I apologize for using the word "dis".

  8. I love you. You crack me up and love reading your posts:)