Friday, September 10, 2010

Idiot of the Week


Pastor Terry Jones is an idiot. This is the kind of turd-bucket that really chaps my behind. When I mention that I have some serious issues with building an "Islamic Cultural Center" (hereto for referred to as a "mosque") at or near Ground Zero I am written off as a right-wing nut-job because of fools like this ass-wipe.

Here is what I think in a nutshell: I would prefer that a mosque not be built anywhere near Ground Zero. Do I think that the Muslim community has a right to build a mosque where they want to? According to the U.S. Constitution, probably. Would I prefer they didn't build near Ground Zero? Yup. Does that mean I am a racist slob who hates Muslims? I would hope not. That said: I have a right NOT to like some body's religion -- even YOURS. I don't have a right to stop ANYBODY from PRACTICING their religion. That said, if the Muslim community REALLY wants to sell their image as a peaceful community, for the benefit of all, I would love to see them take the high road and move the mosque somewhere else. This could be seen a gesture of goodwill from the Muslim community to the United States, acknowledge the people who lost so much on September 11, 2001 (at the hands of Muslim extremists), and maybe even a express a little spiritual maturity.

Then along comes this idiot Pastor Terry Jones with his childish tit-for-tat behavior saying he will burn the Koran if they build this mosque. ARRRGH!!! It is this sort of moron that makes Americans look like idiots abroad. I don't know what Terry Jones' motives are, but I suspect he is all about self-promotion and self-aggrandisement. People who do these heavy-handed, thoughtless things usually are. The big problem with free speech is that people like this have a right to run their mouths. Maybe the way to get them to shut-up is to stop listening to them. Does Pastor Terry Jones have a right to burn the Koran? Yup. As much as Muslims have a right to build a mosque near Ground Zero. Would I prefer that neither of these things occur? Absolutely.

However, once again, it isn't up to me. Instead of a mature discussion about the pros and cons of this issue, the idiots are making their voices heard loud and clear. Terry Jones has done MORE to promote the cause of building a mosque at Ground Zero than he has done to prevent it. He has reminded us that we are a nation that has a responsibility to protect the right to worship as we please(or not). Instead of discussing the pragmatic issues of how this mosque will be a terrorist target and who is going to pay to protect it, the discussion has devolved into stupidity. Again.

So, Pastor Terry Jones, you are my official "Idiot of the Week".


  1. excellent post. He is like Paris Hilton. Maybe if we ignore him he will go away.

  2. oh an my friend posted on this yesterday.

  3. It really isn't up to any of us. It's up to New Yorkers. Everyone else should keep their opinions to themselves. Having said that, let me tell my opinion. :) I'm a free-to-be-you-and-me-type and I think letting a Muslim cultural center 2 1/2 blocks from Ground Zero is showing the world who we are. Is it fair? Would they do the same? No, that's the point. We're better.

  4. Turn off the damned music. Those of us who want to read what you write while other music is playing find it hard to visit your site at all.