Friday, July 2, 2010

Poll Results: DON'T Stop the Music

I am having trouble with my so-called Internet provider "Nu-Link", so who knows when you will ever hear from me again. Today was my husband's birthday and our seventeenth wedding anniversary. Of course, since my husband is a deployed soldier in a far-off land, I needed the computer to wish him a happy day. Yesterday around 2:00 p.m. I went to arrange cyber-greetings for him since he is currently out of ear-shot. The server was down AGAIN. Grrrrr. The computer fixer guy didn't get out until 7:00 p.m. this evening. He installed a temporary fix, but they won't REALLY fix it until Tuesday. So after sending my husband well-wishes and explaining my situation to him, I hurried on over to my fans at "Joannafesto" to access the poll results.

Sixty-percent of you are enjoying reliving my childhood. Twenty-percent of you didn't know there WAS music on "Joannafesto" (And I believe these are probably people I went to high school with because they weren't paying attention then, either. Seriously, who was?) Ten-percent of you (as in one) wants to switch to Gregorian Monk Chants which wasn't too suprising as I suspect have a huge readership of lapsed Catholics. Only ONE of you checked the response that the only thing worse than my music was my writing, and to please stop the music. Dude, could you not tell that this question was a set-up so I could ask the following question: If you hate my writing and my music, why are you reading my blog?

So there you go. The music stays.

Rock-on, Festos! (That's my new name for "Joannafesto" fans!)


  1. I just saw your playlist, I might have to turn my volume back on.

  2. I added those Monkey songs for you! If you use the +/- button to the side you can highlight and click on what YOU want to hear.