Sunday, July 11, 2010

Facebook Bullies

This morning I went on to Facebook to send my mother-in-law a virtual birthday card.
Facebook had decided to get rid of this service. I was not real happy about it, so I went to Facebook's page on this issue to complain. Pretty routine stuff. What followed in the comments section was post after post of the SAME post, repeatedly re-posted by Muslim extremists complaining about the now infamous "South Park" Mohammad-in-a-bear costume and to Facebook for allowing the group "Draw Mohammad Day" to be formed. Facebook later reconsidered their decision to allow this group, under pressure from Muslims who considered this group "offensive", and removed the page from Facebook. Now, empowered by Facebook's willingness to accommodate their prior demands, people who appear to be of the Islamic persuasion, are flooding Facebook with their complaints and further demands.

Here's the deal: Some people get offended when someone makes fun of their religion. Frankly, I don't care if you have accepted Santa Claus as your savior and still think that the moon is made of green cheese. If that floats your boat, have at it, BUT KEEP IT OUT OF MY LAKE. I don't care what sort of religion a fundamentalist is, fundaMENTALism ALWAYS seems to lead behavior which is essentially nothing short of bullying. Pick a religion, any religion, and there are people within it who get offended by pretty much EVERYTHING. Trying to accommodate everybody and their religious demands would be impossible. My ham salad sandwich offends some people. Can you imagine the chaos of trying to accommodate EVERY religion just so somebody somewhere wasn't offended? Impossible. So why is Facebook catering to what is a noisy, humorless, special-interest group because of their religion? Along with the right to free speech comes the probability that you, me and everybody else is probably going to be offended and one time or another. Big deal. It sure as hell beats having to submit to a religious ideology you don't believe in.

Facebook probably thought that if they accommodated the people now complaining they would be REASONABLE and stop disrupting Facebook. But, instead the same people are back on Facebook, spamming away, disrupting things and demanding their own way once again. I had a several try to "friend" me with some one's picture and bogus Facebook pages so they could further spam me because I dared to disagree with them. If Facebook capitulates to these people one more time I will probably leave. Don't get me wrong, I like Facebook. It is a wonderful way to communicate with my friends and family. However, there is something really insidious, underhanded and very wrong about what happened to today on Facebook. Maybe it this is being overly dramatic, but it sort of felt like terrorism and I really didn't like it.

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  1. I quit FB over a month ago. I don't miss it except for the convenience of instant communication. Be sure and stop by for my 100th post craptacular giveaway!