Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joannafesto: The Lifestyle

In an effort to become more like media mogul Oprah Windfrey, to maybe get some free stuff thrown my way, I have decided to brand "Joannafesto" as a whole lifestyle. So, without further adue, here is a list of products endorsed by "Joannafesto" (also known as me):

1. Gizeh Birkenstocks: Especially now that they are available in a snappy leopard print.

2. Miracle Worker Face Cream by Philosophy. Better than even "Hope in a Jar". Take that Oprah!

3. Touche e'clat by Yves Saint Laurent: Don't leave home without it.

4. Anti-Monkey Butt Powder: Finally a product that does what it says it is going to do.

5. Sensodyne Toothpaste: I have a lot of bridgework and this stuff works.

6. Glide Dental Floss: Because, as I found-out YEARS too late, flossing is more important than brushing.

7. Gold Bond Foot Cream: Better even than the fancy French stuff, and I really like fancy French stuff.

8. Hampton Inns: I can't get enough of fluffy bed and the wafflemakers.

9. Publix: The best grocery store chain EVER. Sure, it is a little over-priced, but I really like the faux lightening storm sound effects that play right before the produce sprinklers go off. It makes me SO happy!

10. Cotton/Lycra Blends: Who ever through of putting lycra in blue jeans was a genius. Finally, pants I can sit in!

Well, that is the first top ten. So get shopping and tell them "Joannafesto" sent you! And don't forget that the "Stop the Music" poll ends soon. Remember to vote!


  1. I don't know what Anti-Monkey butt powder is, but I feel like I may need it. BTW, I am having a "give-away" when I get to my 100th post (i think I am at 94) but it will be totally ghetto because I don't have advertisers. Just totally ridiculous fun (hopefully).

  2. Anti-Monkey Butt will literally keep you from chapping your ass:

    Can't wait for that 100th post!

  3. I oughta make you pay me a PR fee, but my favorite Joannafesto tip is to replace cheap buttons on clothes to make them look like they didn't come off of the 70% off rack. I now always replace cheap buttons with nice buttons, and I did so on my cheap coat and everyone thinks it's a fancy schmancy designer coat. Thanks, Joannafesto!