Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chris Brown: Don't Buy It

Ugh! Chris Brown boo-hoo-hooing at the BET awards was pretty much to be expected, I suppose. It was a cunningly clever move of Brown to appear for his first major event after beating-up Rihanna in a Michael Jackson tribute. No audience was going to boo that off of stage. Leave it to this creep to use Michael Jackson's untimely death to try to resurrect the untimely demise of his own career. The breaking down during the "Man in the Mirror" part of the routine was over-wrought, but people seemed to be buying it. Oh, I am sure Chris Brown had some authentic tears -- tears of joy that the audience didn't boo his sorry ass off the stage. Was the audience singing the song because of Michael Jackson, or because of Chris Brown's remorseful posturing? If it was because of the later I have a little problem with people being so hot to forgive this world-class creep. Chris Brown SERIOUSLY BEAT Rihanna. Did people not see the pictures of what he did to her? He beat her face bloody. It was shocking. Nothing Chris Brown has said or done indicates that he is sorry for what he did to Rihanna. He seems sorry that his career is in the toilet because of this incident -- because he got caught. Of course the only person who can know whether or not he is truly sorry and truly changed is Chris Brown. However, he committed a serious crime against Rihanna and it disturbs me that people seem so willing to forgive him. Domestic violence is a crime. People who commit acts of domestic violence rarely change -- I suppose they can, but they don't. Once in a blue moon you get someone who sincerely changes, but that is the exception and not the rule. Everyone gets their panties in a bunch over the example Hollywood sets for young people -- what sort of example is being set by everyone being so hot to forgive this guy? Is he being forgiven because he is cute, young and talented? Is all that it takes is one clever publicity stunt and Chris Brown gets his career back? I hope not. What this creep did to Rihanna was a serious crime. Let's treat it as such. There are a whole lot of talented, cute people out there who don't beat women -- let's pay attention to them.


  1. The other day on The View this came up, and I was appalled by what they had to say. About how he seemed genuinely remorseful. Of course he is! He got caught! Recently I learned of a friend who is in a domestic violence situation, and it makes me so sad that I can't make her see what's happening and convince her to get help. Guys like Chris Brown make it seem ok for her husband to do what he does. The only way to get through to that jerk is to never buy his music again; and if it comes on the radio, change the station. Hit him in the wallet, where it'll actually hurt him.

  2. Tamara I was a victim of domestic violence a very long time ago. My ex was last heard from in a newspaper article where he was charged with holding his newlywed wife at knifepoint. Don't know where he went from there, but I hope it was prison.

    Abusers don't change. I have been married to the nicest guy in the world for seventeen years today. There are plenty of great guys out there who WON'T hit you and who needs the ones who do?

  3. For sure! My friends and I are considering making a fake Facebook account and anonymously messaging her parents to let them know what's going on. If her parents knew they'd kick his ass! We almost kicked his ass ourselves the other night when he got drunk at our party and threw her to the ground. Unfortunately for us; they PCS'd from Guam to Hawaii pretty much the next day. I feel helpless from so far away.