Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have a stupid cold. My Army husband isn't home so the point of having one is absolutely POINTLESS. A cold, that is. I will tell you one thing: Cats just don't give a damn when you are sick. Nope. It's all about them. Scoop my litter. Change my box. Feed me. I had to order soup from a Chinese restaurant. I went on facebook and whined. Begged for attention, basically. Got some attention, but it wasn't as satisfying as having somebody to fetch your snot rags for you. Having a cold by yourself is just SO worthless. Outside of your immediate family, nobody gives a crap. I am almost out of food (Diet Pepsi and Baked Cheesy Poufs), so I need to haul my sorry ass over to the grocery store where I will get nada in sympathy. Just a cross look from the cashier that says "Get your germs away from me." Sure these are the same cashiers that sniffle and snort their way through the holidays expecting me to go "Oh, you poor thing. Having to work with a cold!" When what I am really thinking is: "Get your germs away from me!" Yeah, payback is a bitch. I'm thinking of giving this cold to the mailman, though. That guy's attitude has really been pissing me off. Do you think sneezing on a package would work? Or is there some federal law against that?

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