Saturday, February 13, 2010

Color for Spring 2010!!!

"Color" is the buzzword for Spring Fashion 2010. Fashionistas couldn't get it together to pick just one color, so they are going with the whole spectrum. Apparently the recession has created a black and white world, much like the Kansas in "The Wizard of Oz". Spring promises to usher us into wonderful color, like Dorothy Gale stepping out of her depression era, crash-landed home into the technicolor world of Oz.

I am so sick of winter at this point I could just about kill for a shot of fuchsia. I am looking out the window at a pile of snow and my inner Scarlett O'Hara is crying out in disbelief: "Snow? In Atlanta?". The reversible brown coat I bought that seemed so perfect in the Fall makes me feel tired and depressed. I want to skip down the Yellow Brick Road with our friendly fashionistas, tour the wonderful green Emerald City and take a nap in a field of poppies. O.K., maybe the nap in the poppy field isn't such a good idea, and my trip to Oz was financed by some rather shaky financial maneuvers, but I am tried of Kansas! I want color, I want to skip down the road of financial frivolity and revel in the joy of color and credit cards!

Maybe I am missing something here, because Dorothy winds up pretty much where she started, in black and white, having learned her lesson. Oz, turns out, wasn't so fabulous. But, when push comes to shove, never underestimate the power of some seriously bitchin' shoes.


  1. Oh man, we know it's all about the shoes!!!

  2. One more follower. Are you happy? :)

  3. You said it Alisa!
    Sarah: I am thrilled!