Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Tail

Despite the carefully constructed image of an all-around nice-guy, turns-out Tiger Woods likes his women "a little on the trashy side". Oh well. In his press-conference today, which was as dull as Tiger's former image,he asked to do his soul-searching in private. Tiger is taking the tried and true, re-hab, holistic-inner analysis route to repair things so MAYBE the public will forgive him and his wife won't take his sorry-ass to the cleaners. But wouldn't it be a lot more fun if Tiger would just embrace his inner-sleazeball and go with it? I kept picturing him getting a little trailer, right next former President Bill Clinton's Airstream, somewhere in an undisclosed mobile home park in Arkansas. What could be better for Tiger's image than tossing back a couple Buds with Bill on his astro-turf covered deck? When they both got bored, Bill and Tiger could just head down to "The Waffle House" and hit on waitresses. Look, Tiger is never going to live this one down, so I think it would just be for the best if he goes for it.

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