Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Self-Esteem Issues

Some people have too much self-esteem. In the push to "give" children self-esteem in their developmental years, many children may have developed opinions of themselves that may be a little higher than actually warranted. I am not talking about the sort of self-esteem where a woman tells some moron who is hitting her to get lost. I think that is more of a self-respect issue than a self-esteem issue. Nope, I am talking about the sort of misguided self-esteem that democratises people to the point of where they think they are actually equal to one another. A lot of this started when healthy competition was eliminated from the playground and all children got the same prize. Even the kids had to know that was a crock. Children recognize when someone is better at something than they are -- getting the same stupid prize doesn't fool anybody. If children do not learn their strengths and weaknesses in childhood, can they be blamed for freaking out when it is coldly brought to their attention in adulthood? Witness the clueless souls who will soon be displaying their lack of talent for all to see on the "American Idol" auditions. Victims of too much self-esteem. What sort of inflated sense of self-esteem must one possess to not listen back to one's caterwauling on any one of many available, modern recording devices, to realize that one has zero talent? Art may be an objective, beauty-in-the-eye-of -the beholder sort of thing, but do you really want to find out from Simon Cowell on national T.V. that you suck?

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  1. I've often wondered the same thing and why they choose those people to edit into the show is just beyond me. But it's like looking at a car accident, you can't not look.