Saturday, December 19, 2009

Metaphysical Marketing

Sean "Puffy" Combs, or whatever the hell it is he is calling himself these days, has a fragrance called "I Am King". Is this funny or what? Does this guy's ego know no bounds? There seems to be a trend that in calling yourself something, like wearing a t-shirt that says "Rock Star", will make you that. It's "metaphysical marketing". I have news for Mr. Combs, though. There are damn few kings out there and the people that let you do that job have made a high art out of nepotism. Wearing Mr. Combs fragrance will no more make you king, than buying ice skates will make me Sonja Henie (Sonja Henie? Where the hell did that come from?). There is a pop psychology new age philosophy that by saying you are something that will make you that thing and this has been cleverly reinterpreted by Madison Avenue to tell you that if you buy something that will make you that particular something. It won't. I will hand it to him: Mr. Combs is refreshingly upfront about his"I Am King", whereas other marketing ploys are more subtle. Witness the status handbag epidemic that has embraced the globe. Purchasing a $1000 handbag will not turn you in Paris Hilton, or whoever the hell it is we are supposed to want to be these days. (I'd like to be Heidi Klum, except for all those damn kids, but Victoria's Secret doesn't even carry THAT bra in my size. If it indeed turned me into Heidi, I would SO be in line to buy it.) It may make the marketeers rich, it may make Mr. Combs wealthy, but will not make him, or you, king. However, if you like the smell of the stuff, have at it.

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  1. I know who Sonja Henie is!! But only because my step mother, who was also named Sonja, used to tell us all about her whenever we watched figure skating ;)

    As you can tell, I'm just catching up on your blog. Have you been posting it to facebook each time you update?