Thursday, December 17, 2009

Over the Hill and Through the Woods

I cannot believe I am this old. Frankly, I don't know how the hell it happened. Phyllis-from-the-fourth-grade keeps insisting that I am a writer. In an effort to shut-her-up and stop badgering me, I am starting this blog. Let me say that I think blogs are pretty narcissistic and I have reached this somewhat advanced age without garnering any wisdom to impart upon anybody. I was clueless when I arrived on this planet and I pretty much remain clueless. (By "arrived on this planet" I mean birth. I didn't show up in a spaceship or anything, although that would have been interesting, and I do not preclude the possibility of that happening. If it did, you can be sure I would blog about it.) I am not above narcissism, however, so here it goes. Basically I am typing this stream of consciousness so I can figure-out the controls on this blog. I have no idea what I am going to write about. I thought about stealing the whole "Julie and Julia" scenario and blogging about my adventures in making low-fat soups for a year, but it didn't interest me, so why would it interest anybody else? Narcissism aside (and I am not above it), since everybody and his cousin has a blog, why the hell shouldn't I? So here it goes, I am blogging.

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