Friday, August 20, 2010

One Freak Short of a Circus

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I hate talk radio and talk T.V. Some pundit running his or her self-righteous mouth about what is wrong with the world just gives me a headache. Facts be damned!-- it's all about the sound-bites and sensationalism with these people. They spread misinformation like an STD at Woodstock; and twist the truth into a pretzel. Nine times out of ten these yo-yos are the biggest hypocrites on the block.

So, it was with no small amount of pleasure and amusement that I watched Dr. Laura Schlessinger's fall from grace this week. I just have to ask: What in the hell was she thinking? Not to mention what century is she living in? I pride myself in having a bit of a potty mouth, but even I have enough sense not to go near the "n-word". It's disgusting. I think if you're a white person the "n-word" just shouldn't be in your vocabulary PERIOD. If black people want to use it, they can discuss that issue amongst themselves, and white people just need to SHUT THE FUCK-UP about it. The "n-word" is a heinous, horrible awful word. Yet somehow, Dr. Laura's advice towards the guest calling in managed to be even worse. In case you missed it, the guest, an African-American woman in a mixed marriage called to ask Dr. Laura how to handle the racially insensitive remarks made by her husband's friends. Dr. Laura, Neanderthal-of-the-week that she is, stated something to the effect that if this caller was so sensitive then she shouldn't have married outside her race, and then the esteemed Dr. Laura proceeded to use the "n-word" -- REPEATEDLY. WTF and OMG???!!!!

Due to all the fallout and flack Dr. Laura has taken over this incident, she is quitting her thirty year talk show at the end of her contract in six months. Before you could say "Good riddance!", Dr. Laura was boo-hoo-hooing was whining about the violation of her Constitutional Rights. Was it any wonder that quicker than you can say "I can see Russia from my house", retreat and reload Sarah Palin was chiming in to support Dr. Laura.

sarah palin photoshopped onto elizabeth

What in the hell century are these women living in? What completely baffles me is that ANYBODY takes either of these two women seriously. What scares the crap out of me is that one of these women is considered to be a SERIOUS candidate for the office of president of the United States. Beam me up Scotty!

Sarah Palin Defends Dr Laura's N-Word Rant

Not to be outdone for idiot-of-the-week, pretty soon Bill O'Reilly managed to flap his yap about something almost as stupid. Before I could completely emotionally process the bizarre, yet spookily approriate combination of Dr. Laura and Sarah Palin , that right-wing turd-bucket Bill O'Reilley was running his mouth about how Jennifer Aniston was somehow responsible for twelve-year olds running out and getting pregnant.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston? Are you kidding me?

These people scare the crap out of me because not only are they stupid, people actually listen to them. This foolishness is what passes for political debate. We have serious problems in this country and these are the morons people listen to. At best this is entertainment, at it's worst it is divisive and destructive. They have nothing to offer anybody as to real solutions, they are simply about sensationalism and self-promotion. Haven't we had enough?

Bill O'Reilly

Frankly, I don't think any of these people are remotely in touch with reality. To Bill O'Reilly I would like to relate the following which is from an actual conversation I had with an R.N. about a month ago:

"We had an eleven year-old give birth last week." she commented when I inquired about her job.

"Was it incest?" I asked.

"As a matter-of-fact it was." she replied.

What a shock! Jennifer Aniston had NOTHING to do with it.


  1. excellent post. Didn't Dr. Laura, the defender of families, get in trouble for beating her elderly mom some years back?

  2. Sometimes those old people can really piss you off! Take it from me, I used to live in Florida. (And, yes, I think I am being funny.)

  3. When my kid were little, I used to read to them at night. I thought The Adventures of Tom Sawyer would be fun for the whole family. When I got to the first 'N word' I stopped in my tracks. I didn't know whether I should say it or change it (but to what?) so I ended up saying it and then stopping and explaining about vernacular and the times and the fact that Mark Twain was not a racist he was just telling a story like it was back then. But every time I read the word I winced - hard. Everyone should. Dr. Laura's point, that black people can say it but white people can't - is well taken. But she should have been uncomfortable saying it. And she clearly wasn't.