Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol: Maybe Simon Has the Right Idea.

Ugh. I stopped watching "American Idol" this season when there were still about eight contestants left. The whole thing just sort of tanked for me. I thought adding Kara DioGuardi to the judge's panel last year was a dumb move, but Miley Cyrus acting as a mentor to anybody is just hitting an all time low. Sadly, Miley is about the same age as what seems to have become Idol's target demographic: Teenage girls. Have you seen how fast teenage girls can dial a phone? What adult is going to telephone a T.V. show to vote that many times? Holy crap. No wonder the female contestants were voted off the show in rapid succession. The only girl left for weeks was Crystal Bowersox, and the only reason she stayed on so long is because she was so damn good. Lee DeWyze can sing, but Crystal Bowersox can sing like an angel.

So, I only watched the last five minutes of Idol tonight. It pretty much ended the way I expected. I think Simon has the right idea though: Time to leave Idol.


  1. It shows that he's smart enough to leave a sinking ship.....Idol pretty much blows!

  2. I saw one of Miley's videos the other day while I wa sin Target, and she had on an outfit that might be appropriate for the bedroom of an adult woman. She does not portray herself as an adult (just playing dress up as one) and the idea of her mentoring anyone... ugh.