Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jo-Jo's Guide to Hurricane Categories for Dummies

As hurricane/tropical storm Issac looms somewhere off the coast of Florida, I feel I have a duty to inform the public of what those vague catagories of hurricanes actually mean.  Here we go:

Tropical Storm:  I can't believe this wasn't a named storm.  It was much worse than ___________ (fill in name of Category  1 hurricane back in ____ (year).

Category One:  I hope the cable and internet don't go down.

Category Two:  Oh, crap!  Not the cable, internet AND the electricity.  What is all that crap my neighbors have doing in my pool?

Category Three:  What is my neighbor's roof doing in my pool?

Category Four:  Oh crap!  We should have left town.

Category Five:  Write out your will and testimony.  Put it in a Ziploc bag.  You're toast.

Any questions?

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