Monday, June 13, 2011

Baggage Claim

When I googled Delta airlines to find what the fallout was from overcharging our soldiers for excess baggage, I was sort of surprised by the amount of people defending Delta.  Delta does have a lot of employees and by now I imagine they have been given the corporate spin on this debacle.  Delta has changed their policy on this and apologized, but what bothers me is that we have been a nation at war for almost ten years.  I would have thought at this point Delta employees would have had a clue as to what the rules were regarding the baggage soldiers HAVE to carry.  Our soldiers are not carrying back superfluous souvenirs to pass out to the kids when they get home.  They are carrying equipment that they have to have to perform their jobs in combat zones.  The government PAYS Delta for allowing our soldiers to carry four bags -- three and one extra.  You would think Delta would have educated their employees on that fact a long time ago.  Yes, some of our soldiers have government credit cards and a reimbursed for this, however they are required to account for the charges on that credit card.  I really wonder how much money Delta has made by charging our soldiers -- and therefore our government -- twice for the same bag?  I think Delta may have some explaining and accounting to do.  If this problem isn't just with Delta, then maybe the entire airline industry needs to be investigated.  Why did it have to take an incident like this for Delta to finally take action?

Our soldiers are not asking for special treatment from the airlines.  They are asking to receive what the American taxpayer has already paid for  four bags.  Our soldiers have to do their jobs, maybe Delta should do theirs.

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