Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Kitten Training 1/3/10

In order for the adult resident cats (Patsy and Eddy) to like the new kittens (Arturo and Lew), the experts advise dropping treats for them near the kittens so they will associate the kittens with the treats and all things good. They suggest doing this discreetly, so the cats do not know where the treats are coming from. Cat experts also suggest giving the resident cats loads of attention, petting and praise whenever they are around the kittens. Patsy and Eddy are not too much into public displays of affection, but I will do my best to assume a soothing tone of voice as I praise their efforts for tolerating the new trespassers, er, kittens.

While petting and praising the kittens, kitten Lew persists in chewing and clawing on my pants pocket. Lew has discovered the bribes, er, treats I have discreetly hidden for the elder cats . While exiting the kitten safe room, elder cats Patsy and Eddy are parked outside and stare at me as if I have lost my mind. I try to drop treats discreetly, but I sense that they associate the treats with me. It could be because I am holding a little yellow bag full of them. Eddy sits and stares at the dropped treats and allows Patsy to eat ALL of them, then looks at me for more. I give Eddy more, not wanting her to feel neglected, and Patsy promptly eats them. Shortly thereafter, Patsy throws-up the treats.

Meanwhile, kitten Arturo has discovered the springy door stop and and is making it go boing, boing, boing.


  1. Patsy is a treat WHORE! She was the runt of the litter and very pushy. Eddy outweighs her by about five pounds, but Patsy just pushes her out of the way.